Khloe Kardashian’s “Revenge Bod”

If you pay any attention to pop culture (especially one of my guilty pleasures, the Kardashians), you may have noticed Khloe Kardashian’s recent weight loss. Dubbed her “Revenge Bod” since her break up with NBA star Lamar Odom, Kardashian is down about 30 pounds or so. But who’s counting? Actually, a lot of teens and women my age are.

A prime example of the public obsessing over body image, Khloe’s new physique is something that’s hard to ignore. The thing is, body shamers have been attacking Khloe for quite some time, and this revenge body follows many years of harsh criticism. In an E! Online article, Khloe talks about how she discovered that people considered her the “fat sister” (compared to her slimmer sisters Kim and Kourtney). Khloe dished on how hurtful it was and how “f–ked up people are,” but that she’s lucky she was able to walk away and actually says it made her stronger.

Think about the amount of comments she’s received about her weight. I can’t even imagine hearing those hurtful comments and having it so in your face all of the time. Paparazzi, magazines, comments on social media… it’s scary to think about. However, through all of this, Khloe decided to make changes the healthy way, by eating healthier and hitting the gym hard with her trainer. But not everyone takes this route — so many women take more drastic measures, such as developing eating disorders or becoming depressed.

But, don’t you worry. People have found something wrong with her new body, too. In fact, some are now saying she’s “too skinny” (see article here: But she’s “clapping back” at the haters–and so she should! I especially like when she says, “Yeah, it’s a revenge body. But it’s just as much for my critics who called me the ‘fat one’ for my entire existence.” I can’t say I’m shocked that people have flipped a switch on her, it happens all the time. People are always going to have their damn opinions, but it’s up to you to clap back at the haters.

Here’s why I can’t stand any of this. First things first, I want to make something clear. I think she looks absolutely rocking and I don’t believe in skinny shaming. But, in the same token, Khloe looked freaking awesome before. I know she’s morphed into a new body and a much thinner frame, but what on earth was wrong with her body before?

Khloe’s revenge bod has opened up a door that shouldn’t be ajar. It’s allowing women the right to disapprove of their bodies, past or present. How is someone who thinks Khloe looked fine before supposed to feel when they hear these comments? I, for one, am offended and angered for her (and women in general).

Khloe comes off as a fun-loving, confident and sexy girl—but here’s the thing, she always has. Khloe had that same amazing personality before she lost all that weight. And remember that she got her new body thanks to spending hours in the gym to escape her tough times. And do people now think she has a perfect life just because she’s considered skinny? Well, you’re wrong. She’s going through shit just like we all are, revenge bod or not.

Being skinny, having a revenge bod, or whatever the hell everyone’s doing these days doesn’t create a perfect life, and doesn’t warrant comments that your body was not okay before.

If you’re undergoing a weight loss, a weight gain, a rough patch, whatever it is, don’t forget that you are beautiful. No matter the size, no matter the situation. And that, Khloe Kardashian, goes for you too, queen. Your revenge bod is rockin’, but you’ve always been rockin’ in my eyes.

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