Refinery 29’s Moving Campaign: #SeeThe67

Meet the invisible majority. 67% of American women are plus-size (considered size 14 and up), but they make up less than 2% of the images we see in mainstream media.

Refinery 29 is making an effort to change that. If you’re unfamiliar, Refinery 29 is an online lifestyle site focused on fashion, beauty and style. Just recently, they launched a campaign called the 67 percent project. In short, it’s their pledge to feature plus sized models on their site, in their newsletter, as well as on their Instagram and Snapchat channels 67% of the time – from this point on.

The mainstream media is consistently promoting stick thin models, but in reality, this is not what the majority of us look like. Refinery 29 wants people to see themselves depicted when scrolling through their content, or at least people who look more like the average woman, and this project is making that possible. Not only that, it’s pushing other media outlets and people everywhere to #SeeThe67.

I can’t express enough how important this movement is – and how proud I am of Refinery 29. It’s not easy. It’s different – and it’s hard. But it’s beyond needed in this world. People need to be constantly reminded that they are beautiful no matter the size. And the more the media can promote this message, the more people like you and I will start to believe it.

This past week, I got the opportunity to meet with top-tier lifestyle media outlets for a work event in NYC, one of them being an editor at Refinery 29. It was a super cool office, and an exciting moment for me in my career. But my visit there was meaningful in more ways than one. It was most definitely a great opportunity for me to meet with an editor of this caliber and get face time on behalf of my company. But it was also incredibly special to be there on behalf of The Curve Confessions, since their #SeeThe67 campaign is admirable and inspiring (and what The Curve Confessions is all about).

Taking a stance like this is no easy feat, as the publication has been planning for months and faced hardships already, stating, “Not only have we faced practical challenges, but we’ve had to reckon with deeper issues of bias and prejudice along the way.”

Refinery 29 bringing this issue into the public eye makes them a top publication in my book. So all I can say is thank you, Refinery 29. Thank you for taking your public forum and using it for good – and validating all those people out there who don’t feel worthy enough, or question their size due to the pressures of our society.

Your message and campaign means a lot to me, and it also means a lot to women everywhere. But this campaign is only the beginning, and I’m damn proud to feel like I’m a part of it.

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