Next Time You Talk Negative, Think of Your Best Friend

In tandem with World Mental Health Day earlier this week, Yahoo Finance posted an eye opening and emotional video of best friends saying negative things they’ve thought to themselves about their bodies, but aloud to each other. Check it out here: 

Watching this video brought tears to my eyes. To hear these women body shaming themselves was hard – and to be honest, I wanted to shake them and say, “What?! You’re perfect and amazing.”

This video is a great reminder that we need to stop comparing, and we need to stop judging ourselves. But it also brought back some hard memories from my past.

For almost my whole life, I’ve talked down to my body. I’ve said some dark and horrible things about myself and my figure – and I’m not proud of it. In turn, I’ve made changes to turn those thoughts positive. But there’s always room for improvement for all of us, and we must work together to rid ourselves of the negativity.

One of my favorite people who I reference a lot on the blog, Ashley Graham, said in a recent SELF magazine article, “We’ve been taught to say negative things about ourselves. I decided to break that cycle.”

Well, that’s what I’m hoping to do, too.

So accept those around you, and accept yourself – flaws and all. And hell, don’t be afraid to compliment yourself and show yourself some love – whether it’s your smile, your outfit, what you achieved today, or how your amazing body looks, don’t forget to give yourself some encouragement. Yes, you can do this out loud. Whether it’s while looking in the mirror, writing in your journal, wherever, it’s SO important!

I spent too many years not doing it – so I’m giving myself some major catch up time. You should too.

Body shaming and negative self-talk comes in many forms – and it is mostly internalized. The next time you criticize yourself, body-related or not – imagine yourself having to recite these words aloud to your best friend. Painful, right? Think about this video next time, and maybe your negative thoughts will change.

Sadly, according to, approximately 91 percent of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting to achieve their ideal body shape.

91 percent – I’m in shock. I’m also saddened by this statistic – and I want people everywhere to know that you are worth it. Your body is amazing and unique. And we all need to appreciate ourselves for exactly who we are, even if it starts with a few kind words.

So take this video as a lesson – and if you wouldn’t say that negative comment to your best friend, don’t say it to your beautiful self either.

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