The olympics may have come and gone, but gymnast Aly Raisman has remained an inspiration. But this time, in the body image movement. In case you missed it, she recently posted an Instagram calling out “all the boys in middle school who made fun of her for being ‘too strong'” (see post here), as part of Reeboks’s #PerfectNever campaign.

In short, Reebok’s campaign is making a point that there is no perfect body type that we should all be yearning for, and the campaign has support from not only Aly, but other celebs – including Ronda Rousey and Gigi Hadid (see more here).

Shape magazine went in-depth on Aly’s involvement in the campaign (you should watch the video), where she dishes on being a normal person who has insecurities, just like we all do. She said something that particularly resonated with me. And that is, “Nobody looks at you the way you look at yourself.”

I find that so interesting and relatable, as we’re all guilty of thinking (sometimes horrible) things in our head, but in reality, NO ONE else is thinking them. And let me tell you, if they are, screw ’em.

#PerfectNever reminds us that no one is perfect and there is no perfect body type. Especially as we approach my favorite thing ever next week… The Victoria’s Secret Fashion show (sense the sarcasm). I’ve been seeing all sorts of social media posts from the angels who will be hitting the stage on TV come next week, and every year it’s the same thing: girls get all “ugh, I want to be them” and guys get all “ugh, I want them.”

Just PLEASE, if you’re planning on watching, remember the #PerfectNever campaign, and remember Aly Raisman. Because I’m so tired of girls watching and thinking they’re not worthy, or wishing they had these women’s “perfect” bodies. I want us all to realize our true uniqueness and beauty, and not compare it to these women (or anyone for that matter).

So for anyone who’s gotten flack about their body (like Aly Raisman for her strong arms), has a certain body insecurity that you’re dealing with, OR is planning on watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, remember that being different and being YOU is enough. We are all #PerfectNever (wait, I lied, you’re perfect now).

Photo credit: Aly Raisman

2 thoughts on “#PerfectNever

  1. I tuned in to Steve Harvey yesterday, and his program was devoted to the things you are talking about–self-image, body image, etc. I thought it was done quite well. One of the final conclusions was how important attitude is in these situations. He also had a designer that concentrates on fashions for larger women. The audience was made up strictly of what he called “curvy women..” Love you, Gma


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