Fall Fashion Tips from the Curves

My blog wasn’t originally intended for the fashion side of things – but it’s been really fun showing you all my style thus far. And back when I created the blog, an old classmate asked if I’d consider doing a post around dressing your body type – well, here it is! Hopefully this helps you shape your personal style, and gives you some fashion pointers or inspiration you can start using yourself.

What better time do this than fall, which is my favorite fashion season. So I’ve broken down a few of my quick fashion tips, and a compilation of my fave fall staples. Let’s start with the staples.

The things I can’t go without:

  • Black leggings (that look like pants): I buy these at Nordstrom every year and they are STAPLES during the fall and winter seasons. They’re tight, but comfortable, and appear like pants so they can pass in a work setting too (depending on how formal your work is). Check them out here.
  • Black under tank: I have two of these from a boutique in my hometown of Elmhurst, Kie and Kate. They are life-changing. Whenever you have something see through, need a little extra hold under your top, or if you’re like me and wear sweaters and just want to wear a plain tank under, these are it. They’re one-size-fits-all, so no need to even figure out which one you need 🙂 Regardless if you go to Kie and Kate, or somewhere else, just find an under tank that sucks you in and is comfortable.
  • Staple bag: I have my black bag from Nordstrom Rack that’s Steve Madden, and I use it almost everyday. It can honestly pull an outfit together, fits all of my stuff (including laptop), and has straps that allow me to either hold on my wrist or strap across my shoulder. It’s an essential in the fallSee outfit 4 below.
  • Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry: Earrings, necklaces, watches, bangles – they all make a difference (ok, duh, you know). But I usually pick a pair of earrings to go in my first piercing hole, and then have some fun with my other piercings and cartilage (which is usually a small ring). I personally love earrings and can’t live without mine, but I know it’s hard changing them all the time – so I stick to one white or beige pair right now that match pretty much everything. Necklaces, chokers, etc. depend on the outfit, but we’ll get to that.
  • Stylish Overcoat: I found my overcoat coat a while back at the Rack (pictures coming), and it can seriously amp up an outfit. It’s beige and a light wool, with a leather trim, and falls a bit above my knees. It has a serious professional vibe, and though it’s not as warm as my thick winter coat, I like to wear it when I’m trying to look nice.

My Top Curve Fashion Tips:

  1. If you’re fidgeting, go a size up: This may sound obvious, but I’ve found that going up a size can help that uncomfortable feeling we’ve all felt before. With the Bomber jacket you’ll see below, I tried it on and it felt snug. I went a size up and felt SO much more comfortable. It may hurt your pride to go grab a bigger size (though I don’t want it to), but it’s worth it in the long run! My favorite places for pants are Nordstrom Rack and recently, Forever 21. If you’re looking for bigger tops because these stores aren’t doing it for you – try Target or Forever 21 Plus.
  2. Layer, layer, layer: I know I’ve talked a lot about my black tank, but that thing can change a feeling of an outfit.It tightens everything up while staying comfortable, and I wear it under almost everything. I think the biggest thing for me is that it keeps everything feeling firm. There’s nothing wrong with sucking it all in underneath your actual outfit (I also LOVE wearing spanks with tighter things). I also like to add things like blazers, sweaters, etc. if you don’t like wearing super tight stuff all the time like me.
  3. Start with the essentials: It all starts with a good fitting bra and underwear. Without that, your outfit won’t feel right. If you haven’t in a while, go out and buy a new fresh bra that supports you and fits well. This is something I’ve found that can change how I feel in an outfit (even though it seems obvious to wear under garments that fit).
  4. Stay true to yourself, no matter how crazy: All my friends know that leopard and red are two of my favorite things. So whenever I want to, I add it to my outfits. It gives you your own personal flare.So find something you love about your fashion and that screams you, and buy a bunch of it! It’s so fun finding ways to add leopard or a color to my outfits, whether it’s a scarf, lipstick, whatever.

Now, let’s get to some of my favorite fall looks (outfit details at the bottom):


This sweater was a solid purchase – it can be dressed up or down, and paired with many different things (like scarf, necklace, etc.). The jeans, boots and camel hat top it all off – and the black tank that I swear by sucks it all in 🙂 Shoes are from DSW and absolute show stoppers.



I live in this sweater (plus, it helped the Cubs win the World Series). This vibe is a bit more comfy/cozy, but the red lip and choker give it a pop. Oh, and absolutely love adding the high mini bun to any outfit.




More of a bad ass look here, perfect for hitting a Saturday on the town. I LOVE my new olive green bomber – it ramps up any outfit and can be dressed up or down. Leopard backpack is just so much yes.


This entire outfit is from the Rack (aka my obsession), and a frequent for work. The blazer adds a professional vibe to the outfit, while still keeping it fashionable!


This sweater is like a blanket – LOVE. Purse and shoes add a pop of color, but this outfit is the epitome of comfort meeting fashion.

My biggest fashion rules are comfort, color and curve (okay, shape but three C’s was cool). If I tug at my clothes when I put them on or doubt myself for a second when looking in the mirror, that outfit goes out the window. It’s important to be confident and comfortable – and that’s what I live by with my fashion these days. Also, wherever I can add a pop of red or leopard, I sure do.

Questions on sizing, the outfits, dressing your body type, anything? Email me at thecurveconfessions@gmail.com!

The outfit details:

Outfit 1:

  • White sweater – Forever 21
  • Black tank – Kie and Kate
  • Jeans – Forever 21
  • Hat – Forever 21
  • Shoes – DSW

Outfit 2:

  • Black top – Nordstrom Rack
  • Sweater – Nordstrom Rack
  • Leggings – Nordstrom Rack
  • Shoes – DSW
  • ChokerHazyl Boutique

Outfit 3:

  • Bomber – Forever 21
  • Leopard backpack – Forever 21
  • Choker – Hazyl Boutique
  • Jeans – Forever 21
  • Shoes – Nordstrom Rack
  • Tank – Kie and Kate

Outfit 4:

Striped top, long blazer, leggings, combats, sunglasses and scarf – ALL from Nordstrom Rack (can you tell I like that store much?)

Outfit 5:

  • Sweater: Kie and Kate
  • Black top: Nordstrom Rack
  • Leggings: Nordstrom Rack
  • Shoes: DSW
  • Purse: Enzee Boutique

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