Why you Need to Drop Everything and Follow Celeste Barber on Instagram

Wow guys, it’s been a while. The past few weeks have been INSANE (happy 2017?) and I have missed y’all. But I have the perfect post to keep things short and sweet today, so during the next coffee break you have at work – have a read.

Per the title, no it’s not The Curve Confessions’ Instagram (but def follow that too). This post is actually all about one of the best people on Instagram ever, Celeste Barber. Celeste is an Australian comedian with a killer Instagram account – which in short, parodies celebrity photos (see Celeste’s Instagram here).

As you’ll see in her feed, she’s got major body confidence, and I think this is something we should all take note of. The Instagram platform can make us all a little overly aware of how “perfect” we look (i.e., finding the right lighting, pose, background, filter), but Celeste’s complete mockery of it all just gets me every time. And not to mention, she reminds us that these celebrity photos can be downright outrageous, and completely unattainable for most of us in real life.

Which brings me to why I follow her:

  1. We should all take ourselves a little less seriously sometimes
  2. We should all be more REAL/flaunt our bodies proudly

Thanks for always bringing that much needed humor into my days, Celeste. You make me want to try less (I mean that in the absolute best way possible). 🙂

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