How I Feel About Lady Gaga’s Body Shamers

Let’s kick this post off with some positives – Lady Gaga absolutely slayed the half time show last night. She’s so talented, looked amazing, and her songs are fire. Not going to lie, she totally inspired me for those 12 minutes. She’s just a really cool, artistic person and sends a great message (Born This Way, anyone?).

But how did I know it would somehow get ruined? Because there are still body shamers out there, that’s how. If you caught the performance, Gaga kicked off in a badass body suit, eventually moving into tiny high waisted bottoms and a cute football padded top. And if you somehow missed it, her stomach was showing. Her stomach, need I remind you, is tiny and flat. But naturally, crazy people took to social media and body shamed her.

Want some sickening examples? One Twitter user said, “I just feel like Gaga’s dough belly should’ve been tucked in better. #jussayin.” Ha, okay dude. Another said, “Am I the only one that peeped Lady Gaga had a muffin top / lil pudge there.” Yep, you are. 

How do I feel about it? I feel downright disturbed and outraged. First of all, it’s HER body. What gives you ANY right to give your opinion about it? I know she’s a celebrity and performing on a large platform, but I still don’t think it gives anybody the right. I also can’t stand seeing women shaming other women (which is a whole other story).

I’m so glad to hear her fans, or “Little Monsters,” were defending her on social media; but why should they even have to? Here’s my thought process:

  1. She was dancing around, WHILE singing. Can we please remember the shape you have to be in for that?
  2. Lady Gaga is tiny and in crazy good shape. Calling her fat makes people’s perception of fat really messed up, and probably makes a lot of people feel not great about their own bodies.
  3. I dare any of these people sprawled on their couch to do what she did – in that outfit – and not look like a total ass clown.

The fact that people think it’s normal/okay to critique her body (or anyone’s for that matter) enrages me in so many ways. It really affects people, and I don’t think a lot of people think that through. Imagine a 13 year-old girl scrolling her Twitter feed and seeing a tweet about Lady Gaga’s “rolls.” Suddenly, rolls are “bad” and make you “fat.” Suddenly, she feels fat. And she may be more likely to call herself fat while getting into a swimsuit this summer, or she may think it’s okay to call someone else fat.

I may have taken that down a dark path that hopefully won’t happen, but think about it. Think about how everything you say can hurt and affect others, even if it’s not direct feedback to them. Hearing other people critiqued for their figures personally hurts me. I’m not kidding, it’s not something I like to hear – partly because I picture myself or loved ones on the receiving end, and it’s not a good feeling.

I hope everyone reading this will just stop judging others, and good lord, accept some ROLLS. Because they are reality, and perfectly okay.

I also hope to be a voice for everyone – everyone who’s been affected by body shamers, who feels affected when stuff like this happens, and who wants this crap to end. The reality of it all is, it’s those people’s problems, not yours, Gaga. So keep slayin’ the game, girl.

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