Sports Illustrated’s 2017 Swimsuit Edition Theme is “Size and Body Diversity”

So basically, the makings of a perfect Curve Confessions post, am I right?

You’ve all most likely caught on to my obsession with Ashley Graham by now, which actually all started around the time of last year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. While the magazine has featured the typical, stick thin models in the past, Graham stirred up the pot by being the first size 14+ model featured in the 2016 issue. It’s crazy to me that it took THAT long, but oh well, at least the time has come. And recently, the 2017 shoot wrapped, which features Ashley Graham, among other normal-sized women flaunting their curves on the beach.

Which brings me to why highlighting this swimsuit issue is important:

1. The amazing and diverse representation of women in this issue and their inspiring messages

Hunter McGrady, another “curvy” model, was featured in this issue and had some majorly inspiring words. She basically dedicated this shoot to “any woman who has ever felt uncomfortable or insecure because of certain body issues,” and it’s just so great. She’s a normal looking girl with curves, why the hell shouldn’t she be featured? She’s gorgeous, and her message alone to women accepting themselves should land her a spot (and also normalizes the fact that you don’t have to be size 2 to rock a swimsuit). I only hope to see more body diversity as these issues continue in the coming years, but this is surely a great start.
2. Aly Raisman’s real comments about body image that we all need to remember

Aly Raisman was also among the models featured in the issue, along with Simone Biles, and during a People interview she got candid in saying she’s struggled with body image issues in the past (and still isn’t perfect). While we all may gawk over her body and how great it is, that doesn’t mean she’s never had insecurities. I know we all may look at these celebrities and go, “wow, they’re perfect,” but like I always say, we have to remember they’re real people too. Aly admitting her past (and even present) issues makes her super real in my book, and I’m excited to see more celebrities owning up to this (which in the end, helps us all realize it’s normal).

3. This video of Kate Upton and fellow models discussing body image (which gave me so many feels)

Hailey Clauson, Sailor Brinkley Cook, and Aly Raisman sit down with Kate Upton to discuss all things body image, and it’s amazing. I know, eye roll, models and an Olympic gymnast talking about their struggles – but seriously, it made me feel like they’re so normal and go through the same struggles we all do. The biggest thing I took away was comparisons – and how they do nothing but sabotage you. Comparing yourself to a model, a former weight you were at, your friends, or anyone else is just wasted time and effort. Focusing on loving and accepting yourself is what it’s all about. If you have time, watch it! I found it super inspirational and real.

All in all, while you may not be a fan of the swimsuit issue or care about it, I think it’s important to. Mainly because the media is finally starting to recognize and praise women of diverse sizes. And it makes me so happy for women everywhere, because it’s helping us to all support each other more, and accept that we’re all not going to look a cookie cutter way, but we can still be happy. So thanks to Sports Illustrated for making this issue all around “Size and Body Diversity,” because it’s about dang time. I only hope to see even more body types featured in future issues 🙂

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