The Curve Confessionals: Paige

About the interview: Paige and I have been friends for a long time, and she’s always had a killer gymnast body. But she’s had her insecurities along the way like us all, and in our conversation we talked a lot about the pressures from guys and other girls, having an athletic build and rocking it, and how she makes herself feel good and confident. I love seeing her growth in self love and can’t wait to watch it continue!

CC: What’s your body image story?

P: When I was 12 or 13 – I can remember it even now – I was trying on swimsuits with other petite girls and was self-conscious about my stomach. I’ve got a lot of muscle and have a gymnast body – and being surrounded by those girls of course made me think about it and question myself. Guys also used to ask why I was sticking out my boobs – but it was really just my posture from being a gymnast. I think every girl looks at themselves in the mirror and picks themselves apart at times, but I feel like I’ve grown a lot from my young self. I’m still very athletically built and I really embrace that. I’d rather wear athletic clothes – like yoga pants and a top than jeans and a cute top – I’m just an active person and I’m proud of that.

CC: If you haven’t always loved your body, how have you worked to get there?

P: It’s something that’s never completed, especially in your 20’s – which is when you’re discovering yourself and identifying who you are. It’s a work in progress.

CC: What has been your biggest body image victory?

P: It was March of my senior year of college, and graduation was coming up. I was looking at graduation dresses. I wanted to look good in my dress and worked hard to get there; and got down to my goal weight. I got the dress and had never felt better about myself. I felt energized, working towards everything felt good, and I miss that.

CC: Does the media/models/celebrities have an impact on how you see yourself? 

P: Absolutely. Who doesn’t want to look like Kate Hudson? Now that I’m 25 though, I have a better understanding that it’s not all real (I.e., photoshopped, etc.). It really doesn’t affect me as much as when I was younger.

CC: What’s one thing you’d say to your younger, middle school aged self?

P: Trust your instinct, and love yourself.

CC: What do you do to love your body?

P: I get ready in my bra and underwear – it makes me feel sexy! I also look in the mirror and say positive things to myself, workout, and take care of myself by washing my face, taking my vitamins, and trying to go to bed early.

This interview is a part of The Curve Confessionals, a new content series on the Curve Confessions featuring other’s body image stories. Want to be interviewed, or know someone who might? Email for more details. 

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