These three celebrities are talking body image and I’m SO here for it

Well, hello everyone. It’s been a bit since I’ve written a blog post… I’m excited to be back! Side note from this blog, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my blog and how to spice things up and bring more updates to you all. Without getting into too much detail… get ready for more updates, more blog posts, and a whole lot more inspo, people.

But back to the post… celebrities killing the body positive movement lately. Yes please. As you have probably noticed, I follow the celebrity scene pretty closely. Kind of a guilty pleasure? And since starting The Curve Confessions, I’ve realized now more than ever they are talking about body image. How cool for my blog, right?! Exactly what I was thinking.

This Sunday, gather some inspiration from each of these amazing ways celebrities are supporting ALL OF US in the body positive movement.

  • Beyonce: Since I know there’s a lot of ladies out there who follow and love the Queen Bey, I think her recent interview and cover with Vogue was SO important. If you missed it, check it out. She talks about her post-partum body and how she’s loving her “FUPA” (her words, not mine!), and how she gave herself self-love and self-care, and embraced being curvier following her complicated pregnancy. Hell yeah, girl. In my opinion, the message here is listen to your body and rock it no matter what stage you’re at. And I’m so glad she could bring that message to the masses in this interview.
  • Emmy Rossum: If you aren’t familiar with the name, Emmy stars in Shameless (aka the best show ever). And not only is she an incredible actress, but I’ve also been catching that she’s an awesome person, too. Shortly after the whole Kardashian’s calling each other “so skinny” thing and talking about their weight (Kim saying on her Instagram story that she’s 119 pounds), Emmy has been promoting some crazy good messages about weight (and how it’s so not important). She wrote a series of Instagram posts asking her followers if they wanted to know how much she weighed – followed by an image of her with things about herself that had absolutely nothing to do with weight. She then encouraged followers to post their own photos – and directed them to an online community called “I Weigh,” which is a movement to look beyond the scale. I’m SO here for this and love Emmy even more now. I encourage everyone to follow both Emmy (@emmy) and I Weigh (@i_weigh) for more inspiration.
  • Amy Schumer: Okay, Schumer is always a proponent of telling women everywhere to rock the skin they’re in. I’m beyond late to the party, but I watched her movie ‘I Feel Pretty’ and it gave me all the feels. She basically breaks down society’s expectations of women and the pressure we put on ourselves, but sheds light on the fact that no matter how you look – EVERYONE feels their own insecurities. But beyond that, it encourages women to have confidence no matter what their size is (something I hope you all feel when following my blog!). In addition to her movie that I was completely late to the game on, she also recently spoke at the BlogHer 2018 conference, encouraging women to lift each other up. Basically, I’m just all in for Amy Schumer’s support of women and positive body image, and I hope you are too.

These women are just a few examples of celebrities in the public eye talking about issues that are SO important for girls and women everywhere to hear and practice. This is the stuff I love seeing – and only hope to continue seeing.

Question for you: Do you like the celebrity stuff? Do you want to see more of it? I hope so! But that’s also okay if not. Leave me a comment or drop me an email if you have anything specific you want to see me write about. And if you’re not following me on Instagram, get going! @thecurveconfessions

Have a kick butt Sunday, you all. Oh also, speaking of celebs, if you haven’t listened to Ariana Grande’s new album Sweetener, please go do that.

XOXO, Kenzie

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