An Open Letter to The Bachelor: Where Are The Curves At?

Dear Bachelor Franchise,

I am writing because I noticed a huge flaw in your programming – one that is quite frankly an epidemic in today’s media – and that is your failure to include curvy women on your show.

Question: When casting your seasons for The Bachelor, do you have a requirement that says, “Women must be no bigger than a size 4?” Because I’m going to be honest, I see a little more body diversity when men are competing for the rose, but not so much when it’s women.

There’s nothing wrong with these women that are featured on the show season after season – I don’t skinny shame – but there’s a whole lot of thick and curvy women that you’re missing out on. And quite frankly that America’s missing out on when you don’t include anyone on the show bigger than a size 4.

But what’s wrong with this ‘letter’ is I shouldn’t even have to be writing it – it should just be happening. Curvy, thick, plus-size women – whatever you want to call it – shouldn’t have to fight to be the norm or included in a popular show to find love. Thick women ARE the norm. In fact, 67% of women are considered plus-size. Though I dislike the term plus-size, I’m curious as to why this isn’t it depicted in a popular TV show like yours that millennials, impressionable teens, and the like are watching?

I asked myself the same thing when I was watching the new season with my roommate the other night – where the heck are the curves at? And sadly, it’s the same story every single season.

As a woman watching who has curves, nowhere near a six-pack, and still is just as deserving of finding love as the next person, it’d be nice to see some more body diversity on your show. So that’s why I’m writing this letter that you’ll probably never read – but you should. Because I speak for a lot of women whose body types aren’t being represented, but very well should be… 67%+ to be exact.

And not going to lie… I actually think Colton could use some curves. Just saying. 😉


Your Favorite TV Viewer (And Guilty Bachelor Viewer)