My Favorite Spring Looks & Pieces Giving Me Confidence 

I’m so excited for a few things – one of them being the weather getting warmer, and another being a change in fashion seasons. With that change in seasons always comes the apparent awkwardness in my fashion choices – what the heck do I wear?

Some days, I’ve been able to throw on sandals, while the next day it’s snowing. It’s up in the air, but that’s not stopping me from transitioning my favorite pieces over to spring. Even though it’s awkward with the weather, my number one fashion rule remains – be comfortable and confident.

Personally, my favorite things to wear are those that express my personality; red, leopard, etc. are obvious choices. But some days, I just want to be comfortable. Some days, I want to be fierce and out there. No matter what, I think our style is part of our identities and confidence – so it’s so important to be true to ourselves.

I love bargains and love finding pieces that work for various seasons. Here are some of my top spring looks I’m bringing into this new season:

I’m not sure what makes this outfit more – the pants or the red jacket – but I’m obsessed with both pieces. This is definitely an outfit on the bolder side, but is great for spring days because it’s dressed up, and the red jacket acts as a light coat. It can always be taken off (see look below) and thrown off the shoulder or carried.

Red jacket: Zara 

Leopard pants: Nordstrom Rack

Combat boots: Nordstrom

Sunglasses: Mulberry and Me

Outfit #2:

This outfit is comfortable yet a little edgy! I’ve been looking for a black jean jacket for FOREVER and finally found this crop one from Topshop and am obsessed. I also love rocking combats with the unusual outfits, and this was definitely an opportunity for that. If it’s really hot, I can take off the jean jacket and/or sub out sandals for the combats to make this outfit more weather friendly.

Romper: Urban Outfitters

Crop jean jacket: Topshop

Earrings & sunglasses: Mulberry and Me

Outfit #3:

This outfit is similar to above, except it has the red pop with this red jean jacket. I’m obsessed with this jacket – it literally goes with anything. The red jacket can definitely be thrown over different types of outfits, too, but this one is comfy yet adorable!

Red jean jacket: Nordstrom

Outfit #4:

This outfit makes me feel like a sassy chick. It’s comfortable yet professional, and could be swapped to a tank and sandals for warmer weather. These pants were so cheap but are a nice material so I don’t feel like a slob wearing them. And duh, they’re so fun!

Black top: Nordstrom

Leopard pants: Nordstrom Rack

Combat boots: Nordstrom

Outfit #5:

Athletic wear is usually what you can find me in – whether I’m running to a workout class or running errands around town, this jacket was a must have from Zara. I actually saw a girl wearing it at the airport once and then coincidentally found it – it was fate! It’s super clean looking and could even be dressed up with jeans!

Jacket: Zara

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