3 Things I Learned Moving to a New City

Holy cow — it’s been a minute since I’ve written a post! Life lately has been pretty wild — and I just hit about 4 months in NYC — so figured I was due for an update post on what’s been going on.

But instead of just rattling through updates in my life, I thought it might be worthwhile to include my 3 biggest learnings from moving to a new city. Here goes!

  1. Being nervous and taking risks means growth is coming. I’m going to be honest, I’ve probably never been as stressed as I was than when I was preparing to move to NYC. There were so many unknowns, which gave me the ultimate anxiety in thinking about what my experience would be like and how I would do. But like one of my favorite quotes says – “no risk, no magic.” And that is absolutely true. I’ve grown immensely in these past few months — with no shortage of hard times — but that’s only because I put myself in situations that were scary (moving to a new city being number one!). And fast forward to now, I’m so glad I did. But the first step was taking the risk, which is absolutely the hardest part (but worth it!).
  2. Building a community is absolutely crucial. From the second I got to New York, I’ve worked my hardest to build a community. I got really lucky to land at a welcoming, supportive community at Orangetheory Fitness and have some friends and family already in NYC — but I’m also trying to go to new things where I might meet new people — like sports leagues, events, museums, etc. A few times throughout this journey so far I’ve questioned myself in why I left my “comfort zone” – a steady job, friends and family, and a place that felt like home. But for many many months, I was feeling like there was more out there and that I had to try something new — and New York was a place I could do that while chasing some of my dreams I was pushing off to the side for much too long. Some days, I’m not going to lie, I miss home and wonder why I made the decision I did. But the good days — where I see challenge, growth, and positive things happening — make it all worth it. And having a community there to support you makes it all worth it, too, which is why this is so important!
  3. Feeling lonely and lost sometimes is normal. As I mentioned above, some days I feel completely lost and lonely. I question myself and I question why I chose to move to a new city. But then I think back to when I had all these dreams of moving to NYC, writing my book, getting out of my comfort zone — and I remember why I made the plunge. My family and friends are dear to my heart everyday — and I always remember that. But trying something new definitely means lonely days will be there — and I’m learning to cope with it and truly appreciate the time I do have with loved ones and friends — old and new. I’m also working on reaching out when I’m struggling, which really helps. But main point here: it’s normal to feel lonely sometimes, no matter where you are. When I have those days, I remember what it takes to get me out of my slump, do my best, and move on to the next day.

If you’re thinking about moving to a new city, here are the main questions I thought about (for years, honestly). I hope this is helpful in some way to someone out there who’s contemplating a big move (or did make a move)!

  1. Why do I want to move? Don’t forget, life is still life — so moving to a new city won’t “solve” anything that might be an issue in your current life. What it will do is bring those issues to the forefront, ha. I thought about why I wanted to move for years, and ultimately landed on the decision that I was going for it. But sometimes it’s not always the answer, and that’s okay!
  2. What city do I want to move to and why? I did my research and landed on NYC, but other cities might be a fit for different people. Think about your goals and dreams and how that city matches up. Talk to friends who live there about living recommendations, things to think about, etc. and make some visits so you really know you see yourself there. Then, it’s time to pull the trigger!

Did you enjoy this post? Want to talk about moving to a new city, or life in general? DM me on Instagram @thecurveconfessions or comment on this post! I’d love to chat with you.

XOXO, Kenzie

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