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The Curve Confessionals: Callie

About the interview: Throughout my life, my older sister Callie has always been a role model to me in a lot of ways. And when it comes to her body, Callie has always had a certain confidence that I really admire. I can’t think of a time where Callie has not rocked her body and size, no matter what weight she was at. Callie and … Continue reading The Curve Confessionals: Callie

The Curve Confessionals: Paige

About the interview: Paige and I have been friends for a long time, and she’s always had a killer gymnast body. But she’s had her insecurities along the way like us all, and in our conversation we talked a lot about the pressures from guys and other girls, having an athletic build and rocking it, and how she makes herself feel good and confident. I … Continue reading The Curve Confessionals: Paige