Surreal Moment: Skyping Meghan Trainor on the E! Red Carpet

As most of my friends know, a recent life-changing moment happened to me: Skyping Meghan Trainor on the E! red carpet for the iHeart Radio music awards. My friend, Paige Thoreson, kindly tagged me in an Instagram contest (I was Meghan for Halloween last year and am obsessed, duh). E! Producers ended up contacting me, “interviewing” me, and I was chosen to Skype Meghan on the red carpet. It actually took a lot of prep and time over the weekend – but man was it worth it (see video here:

In the clip, you’ll notice that I tell her she’s a huge role model to me (and girls everywhere). But there’s actually a story behind that. Meghan Trainor is a role model to me because she embodies everything this blog is about: She empowers women with her lyrics, embraces her curves, and on top of that has major talent.

She wrote her first hit, All About That Bass, for other artists – including Beyoncé — but they all chose not to record the song themselves. Trainor then recorded the song herself, which went on her first album, Title. This is how she got famous, but there’s so much more to her story than that.

Meghan began making music when she was just seven years old, and wrote her first song at age 11. Woah. Not only that, but by the time she was 18, she had self-released three albums and scored a publishing deal. She then moved on to sign with Epic Records, where her career skyrocketed with Title.

Even more recently, Meghan released an album called “Thank You.” For one of the songs on the album, Me Too, she dropped a video. This was the moment where Meghan made huge moves in the body image movement (yep, that’s what I’m calling it). She released the video, and people noticed she was looking particularly thin in it (of course they noticed). Meghan had no idea, but it turns out the producers of her video had actually used Photoshop to make her waist look much slimmer. When she saw all of the comments, she figured out what had happened. Like a true gem, Meghan ordered the video down right away and posted the original (she even snap chatted about how she was embarrassed and thinks her own waist looks just fine). Honestly, what a boss.

I’m following her ”Untouchable tour” on social media and she is absolutely rocking it.  I’m so thankful I got the opportunity to tell her that her message does affect women in a positive way. She sends an important message that needs to be heard – that it’s important to love yourself, embrace yourself, and that curves are good, y’all (listen to her album if you haven’t, it’s woman power to the max).

Even though she’s younger than me (22, how crazy)… I still look up to her in major ways. She’s for sure a voice among the curves and is using her talent for good. Her public display of body image pride is one to be reckoned with and I my friends, will forever be a Megatron.

Oh, also, whenever I’m having a bad day, I remember that Meghan liked AND commented on my Instagram post about the Skype experience (the photo with this blog). That is all.

Photo Credit: My dear friend Paige Thoreson–this wouldn’t have happened without her!

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