“Surround yourself with people who want to see you grow”

Okay, so at this point you guys have to know I love quotes (yep, I’m pretty cheesy). This quote is compliments of the Vallette Cleaners sign in my hometown – but it couldn’t be more true and completely stuck with me this past week. So heck, why not do a post focused on it?

Since launching The Curve Confessions over a month and a half ago, I’ve seen copious amounts of love and support – extending from friends and family, to old peers and people on Instagram that I’ve never even met. It absolutely warms my heart to feel this kind of support in something so close and personal to me, and I’m sharing it with you all in hopes to make a difference. I truly hope it does in some way.

Every single person I’ve talked to about the blog has been so supportive – and this is a shout out to all you beautiful people. I’ve completely found something that I love – and it’s exciting – but it wouldn’t be possible without you all. Seriously.

This quote stuck with me because the people I love want to see me grow. And because of that, I am growing. So on this gorgeous Sunday, give some love to those close to you. Be grateful for everything you have and the people around you, and focus on all the good things in your life today. I ūüíú YOU ALL.

Shout out: to my colleague Alice, who helped me come up with this entire idea and helps me become a better writer every single day. 

Shout out: to my colleague Meghan, who shot my first big photoshoot for the blog, and also keeps me so excited about it day in and day out. PS-don’t worry guys, more photos are coming ūüėČ

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