Shape Magazine Campaign Encourages Women to Share Why They Love Their Shape

…. And I love it. In case you missed it, Shape Magazine recently launched a campaign called #LoveMyShape, encouraging women to share pictures to their social media accounts saying why they love their shape. HECK YES.

I decided to partake in it, because of course. Because we’re all allowed to (and should) be confident. We’re allowed to feel sexy. For so long, I held myself back from those feelings, or trapped them in, or tried to believe them but maybe didn’t really. But now my mission is helping other people get there and believe it too, and encouraging everyone to share those positive thoughts.

Let me raise my hand and tell you I have my off days – nobody is perfect. But when you’re feelin’ yourself (which hopefully is more than not), it’s not a crime. I hope you read this post, scroll the photos people are posting on Instagram, and feel that confidence you should feel.

So have at it, y’all. And post your own pic of your body and why you love it! I’m so proud to be a part of it, and I’m so proud publications like Shape are taking note of how important it is for women to cherish their amazing bodies.

My post: I’ve been tormented from pretty much day one about my body – about needing to lose weight, being too big, whatever it is, from literally everyone in all different stages of life. It consumed my thoughts too much and for too long, and I started my blog (@thecurveconfessions) almost a year ago when I started to shift my mentality about myself and my body, and hoped to shed light on the many issues on this topic around us (i.e., body shaming). I love this campaign and I’m proud to say I #LoveMyShape because it is curvesssss galore. I used to be kind of embarrassed of my chest, and didn’t want to show it off. Now I’m like, f it, I look gooooood. I also love my legs – they make me feel strong. But most importantly, I love how my shape makes me different. Nobody else has it – and that is a gift. It allows me to exercise, get around, and feel sexy. It’s amazing, and I can’t wait to keep reading these posts to find out why women everywhere love theirs. @shape 

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