The Curve Confessionals: Body Image Stories from Readers

Body image affects so many people in different ways – and everyone has their own stories to share. Something I’ve been wanting to do more of on the blog is doing just that: sharing other people’s stories, because I know everyone has new perspectives that others can learn from and relate to in different ways. Well, here goes the first round of stories – from my best friends!

I’m lucky to be surrounded by friends that have supported me, and my blog, from day one. So I reached out to my group of closest girlfriends and got to interview a few of them about their own body image stories, struggles, victories, and views on the topic. Honestly, it was amazing and refreshing to get all their different takes – and I’m excited to share them with my readers. But mainly I’m proud to be friends with them. Each of these girls, first of all, answered very personal questions for the good of my blog, and I know that’s not easy. But also, they’re so talented and smart, and such great friends to me. You’ll notice each one of them has a great head on their shoulders – articulating their opinions and experiences in an honest and strong way, which is something I appreciate and admire.

You’ll read a lot about mental health and its connection to physical health, exercise and its effects on the mind, and more, and I hope you can relate in different ways to Lauren, Paige, Haley, Chloe, and Kaitlan’s stories. Look out for them on the blog, tagged under “Confessionals.”

But this isn’t the end of The Curve Confessionals, it’s just the beginning! I’m launching it as a new content series on The Curve Confessions and hope to hear from more people who want to talk more about their experiences with body image and potentially share their stories. If you’re interested, or know someone who might be, email me at and we’ll chat more!

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