The Curve Confessionals: Chloe

About the interview: Chloe and I have been friends for a long time, and she has always had a great figure. But as I always preach, everyone has their own body image struggles, and Chloe at times has felt that people don’t understand hers. I think it’s so important to acknowledge that we all have our own bodies, goals, etc., and no one should be discounted for their thoughts just because they’re considered thin. Chloe also shares ways she’s learned to love her body, like eating healthy and working out with a trainer, but I can appreciate that she also likes to treat herself! Read on for my interview with Chloe, who has a thing or two to teach us about loving ourselves.
CC: Why is body image/self love/self acceptance important to you?

C: Having grown up with a mom who had had a serious eating disorder before I was born it was always important for her to teach me to love my body. I grew up hearing stories about her struggles and she really wanted me to know the importance loving yourself.

CC: What has been your biggest body image struggle?

C: This is going to sound dumb so bear with me, I gain weight mostly in my boobs, butt, and stomach. OH MY GAWD POOR ME I know. But for me I can be feeling really shitty about myself and how I am looking and people write it off as a joke or act like I am offending them by saying I am not happy with my body. But that’s the thing, everyBODY is different and we all have our own versions of our own best body.

CC: If you haven’t always loved your body, how are you working to get there? 

C: For me I think I have definitely getting been more comfortable in my skin as I grow up. In middle school I just wanted to look like all my friends, in high school I cared about what the boys liked in girls, in college I was living off the Watterson Towers pasta bar and late night D.P. Dough and my weight was incredibly up and down. But now that I have graduated and recently turned 25 I find myself taking an initiative to care for my body and love and accept myself how I am.

CC: Does the media/models/celebrities have an impact on how you see yourself? Any examples? 

C: I would be lying if I didn’t say looking in a magazine I look at Gigi Hadid or Jen Aniston and think damn I want to look like that. But someone said something to me recently that really stayed with me, “that is literally their JOB to look like that.” It’s so true they get paid to eat the best food, get the best trainers, and spend every day in the gym. Comparing yourself to these people is so apples and oranges.

CC: Do you compare yourself to other girls a lot/feel pressure to look a certain way at times? Why do you think you do?

C: I definitely feel pressure at times to look a specific way. Let’s be real I recently joined a gym got a trainer and changed my whole diet because I was going to Coachella and going to be surrounded by hundreds of flat tummys and toned arms. But it all comes down to this, did it motivate me to change my lifestyle for the better? Yes definitely! But it is so important to use each other as motivation and not as a reason to starve yourself or kill yourself at the gym.

CC: What’s one thing you’d say to your younger, middle school aged self if you could go back? Or to younger girls today? 

C: I think it is so so so important to love your body and not compare it to others. I definitely wish I could go back to middle school Chloe and tell her don’t worry you will get boobs one day, and it won’t be nearly as exciting as you think it will be.

CC: What do you do to love your body? 

C: I try to eat healthy during the work week, packing my lunches has been such a great way to improve what I am eating (and spending). I workout with my trainer and love doing classes to switch things up like yoga, barre or boxing (can i get a hell yeah). But I also think it is sooo important to give yourself a break and treat yourself, when I am craving Portillos I’m gonna get a beef, cheese fries, and large coke. If I feel like having a bum day and skipping the gym I’ll let myself without feeling guilty. That’s how I love my body!

This interview is a part of The Curve Confessionals, a new content series on the Curve Confessions featuring other’s body image stories. Want to be interviewed, or know someone who might? Email for more details.

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