Lessons From My First Triathlon

For years, completing a triathlon has been a dream I thought I couldn’t physically achieve – but just over a week ago, that all changed.

I am so beyond happy to say that I completed my first triathlon just over a week ago in Chicago. Today, receiving the photos of me from race day really put it into perspective – I did it! I swam for .47 miles, biked 15 miles, and ran 3.1 miles.

One year ago today, and many years leading up to that, I watched my mom complete multiple triathlons and always wanted to do one myself. But like a lot of us do, I told myself I “could never” and wrote it off year after year. One year, I even told people I was doing it then backed out.

So I thought I’d write a post to share my experience, but also speak to the people reading who think they could never do a triathlon, think they can’t complete that half marathon race, or whatever that doubt is. I’m here to promise you that you can.

But what I also promise you is that you have to get to a place (mentally and physically) that you may not have gone before – which again, you can. Just last year, not only was I saying I couldn’t run, I was also saying I couldn’t do the triathlon, and probably so many other terrible, negative things. Looking back, I can’t even believe all the things I shut out of my life just because I thought I couldn’t.

This year has certainly proven my theories wrong. I’m running every single week – but it has nothing to do with my weight – I could run when I was 50 pounds heavier, too. Everything it has to do with is my mindset. The second I started telling myself I could do things, shit just started happening. That’s not a coincidence – not in my book anyways.

Getting to the point (physically and mentally) where I felt confident and strong enough to compete in the triathlon took about a year. It took a year of regular Shred415 classes, which included strength training and cardio that absolutely kicked my butt. It took 3 months of training and getting ready to swim, bike, and run – all in a row, using muscles I probably hadn’t used in a while. But it also took a mentality of “I CAN do this.” And that last part is more important than people may think.

I trained diligently, but I also told myself day in and day out that I had this in the bag. And come race day, that mentality stayed the same – I believed in myself and I crushed my first race (because I finished, which was my goal!). I never wavered from my positive thoughts, and it had me smiling through race day – including 90+ degree heat (and trust me, I am not a heat person).

If you’re reading this post – I encourage you to go sign up for that workout class you thought you couldn’t do, sign up for that race – do that thing that you’ve always told yourself you couldn’t. If it’s a longer term goal, sign up early and make a game plan. I promise, you will come out on the other side, stronger and happier than ever.

And you know I absolutely love inspiring people, and the support I’ve received has been overwhelming, but it has by no means been an easy or perfect road. I’ve had my moments of doubt, anxiety, potential injury – you name it – but I made it through, and I know others can too.

Thank you to everyone who supported me through this triathlon – I couldn’t have done it without you.

If you ever want to chat about the triathlon, training, etc. please email me – I’d love to chat! thecurveconfessions@gmail.com

XOXO, Kenzie

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