Valentine’s Day Confession: The (Good and Bad) Reality of Being Single as a Pringle

“Are you dating anyone?”

Ah, the dreaded question at every family party or catch up with a friend that has me thinking on my feet – will it be a witty response about my pure singleness, or a serious rundown of my near nonexistent flings on dating apps? Ask me and find out! 😉

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and yesterday was also Self Love Day (did you catch my 13 Days of Self Love campaign on Instagram?). So, I found this a perfect time to shed some light and real talk on this whole single thing as a twenty-something in the thick of it.

First, I’m going to admit that loving ourselves in an ongoing, every day process. You don’t just wake up one day and love yourself – you work at it just like you work at a fitness routine or healthy lifestyle – it’s a process that ebbs and flows.

And that process as a single person comes with serious highs, but also serious lows. One day, you’re a proud, independent woman who doesn’t need a man – and the next, you’re crying over some dude. It’s a daily struggle.

I don’t mean ‘struggle’ to be severe, but I do mean to say that it is not always easy. Don’t get me wrong, I know relationships aren’t easy either. But going it alone can put you up against some potentially dark and lonely times that you must dig yourself out of (girlfriends are the best, am I right?). But, on the other end, it also can mean a whole lot of self-growth and strength you never knew you had – beautiful right?

I recently talked to a friend of mine about dating. I entered the conversation thinking I had it all figured out (see above: you’re a proud, independent woman who doesn’t need a man), but I ended the conversation realizing yes, I definitely crave that feeling of love sometimes… and that’s okay.

I came to the realization that it’s okay to feel alone sometimes, crave that feeling of love from someone, or be a proud independent at any given moment – these are just the natural feelings of a single person (at least, in my opinion). I have no proof of this besides the fact that I am living proof of this.

And I also came to the realization being single doesn’t mean you have to love every second of it – but it does mean you have to love yourself like crazy. Hence: my Self Love campaign! It also means you have to surround yourself with amazing people who lift you up and love you. So this Valentine’s Day, I’m grabbing a glass of wine (maybe two), some close friends, and toasting to the journey of love – whatever path that may be for all of us (single or not).

Happy Valentine’s Day and Self Love Day! XOXO, Your Favorite “Single as a Pringle” Gal

PS – Does this resonate with you? Let me know so I don’t feel like a vulnerable single who just put it all out there. K thanks!

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