Why Self Care is For Everyone

Self care is something I’ve found to be so important on my journey of self love, and it’s something that we all might look at a little differently.

But no matter which way you look at self care in your own life, it is for everyone. It’s a way to take care of yourself – mind, body, and soul – and something I believe should be actively thought about in all of our lives. It’s also a way to evaluate what YOU need to care for yourself.

The way I looked at self care has evolved a lot over the past few years. I used to treat myself to things that weren’t necessarily good for me – like having a sweet treat or letting myself skip a night at the gym. My relationship with treating myself changed when I started to realize I wanted to fuel my body and treat it well – and that my self care routine should directly reflect that. I’m not saying I never treat myself to sweets (ha I promise I do), but the way I look at my self care routine has definitely changed for the better.

I started getting into things that made myself and my body feel better – like baths (if you’ve seen my Instagram stories, you already know), face masks to exfoliate and nourish my skin, taking vitamins, spending nights to myself with a glass of wine, taking class at Shred415, doing yoga, etc. I’d say self care is something I’ve completely prioritized, and when I start to get overwhelmed or stressed by life, I immediately incorporate a self care routine. But even if I don’t have a reason, I want to be sure these things I enjoy are incorporated into my regular routine – and I think that’s how it should be for us all!

What are your favorite ways to practice self care, and what’s your motive for doing it? I’d love to hear! Now go grab a glass of wine or a bath, you deserve it 😉

Photo credit: @Shape

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