Why We Should All Think Twice Before Giving the “Skinny” Compliment

Coming from someone who’s struggled with body image my entire life, I have SO many thoughts on the skinny compliment. “You look so skinny” – we’ve all heard it, said it, or maybe even received it – but in my opinion, it can actually be a terrible compliment. Here’s why.

First of all, I think the skinny compliment instinctively makes us all think we SHOULD be skinny. It feels like people say it as if it’s some great thing, when it probably isn’t the best thing to promote. What about using the words “healthy” or “strong” or “great”?

But when you’re told it, doesn’t it just seem like the best thing ever? Like you never want it to end? That’s because it feels good to feel like you look like you should, or look how other “skinny” people do, or feel like your hard work is paying off. But I don’t think that’s necessarily healthy.

I think it’s great to encourage other people and share compliments – I love that – but I do think we all should consider how we’re complimenting people and what we’re promoting. I’d rather be seen as healthy, strong, etc. than skinny, and I think sharing those types of compliments is something we should all get into a better habit of.

Also, side note, no matter what anyone says – you are amazing just the way you are.



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