How Trying New Workouts Can Boost Your Confidence

Working out can be an intimidating thing – whether it’s at a gym or specific workout studio – we’ve all felt “gym intimidation” before. By trying something new and unknown, you’re putting yourself out there; where you’ll be around people you don’t know, around people who have different bodies than you, and who might just be more experienced than you at this specific workout. But what I’ve learned recently is none of that matters – and trying new workouts can actually build your confidence.

Almost two years ago I was beyond afraid of trying high intensity interval training workout, Shred415 (Read: The Workout and Positive Mindset that Changed My Life). My best friend kept convincing me I should try, and I always turned her down out of fear. I would use excuses like “I’m not a runner” or “I don’t think I can do a workout like that.” Two years later, I’m still regularly going and it’s a workout that helped me immensely on my weight loss and health journey – and even helped me complete my first triathlon (another thing I thought I couldn’t do). It did take months and months of going completely out of my comfort zone to get there – but it’s ultimately helped my confidence for the better.

And that goes the same for other workouts I’ve tried over the years, too – Barry’s Bootcamp, Yoga, Cycling, Barre – and there are still new workouts I want to try. Every time I walk into a new studio, I may start out of my comfort zone, but I end the class feeling so accomplished. And hell, I grew to become a regular at a place I thought I could never try!

My point is – don’t count out a workout because of a thought or fear in your head. Grab a friend (or yourself), check out a studio, and build your confidence! It might end up changing your life. 😉

Now what workouts are you going to try?

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