Why I Never Want To Hear The Words “Summer Body” Again

“I need to get my summer bod!”

“Man I want to lose a few before summer starts.”

How many things like the above have you heard, or even said yourself? The weather’s getting warmer which means summer is on everybody’s minds. And you know what summer means; swimsuits and baring it all.

But summer also means the dreaded comments from friends and family about how they need to lose a few, get abs, get in the gym… the list goes on. Since I’ve started my blog I notice WAY more of these conversations happening and try my best to intervene telling people they look great now; no summer body needed.

So that’s what brings me to this post. The fact that we all need to calm down over our bodies morphing into some “new season” body. Do you have a body? Do you have a swimsuit? You have a beach body then.

I’m not going to sit here on my high horse and act like I don’t think about myself in a swimsuit either. I definitely do. But I think we owe it all to ourselves to let it be. Get in the gym and feel good, but don’t kill yourself for some unattainable summer body or to look like your favorite influencer in their string bikini. Instead, I challenge you to start looking in the mirror and saying “damn I look good!” Or buying a new swimsuit that you feel confident AF in, no matter what size or style it is.

Let’s get rid of the term summer body and love ourselves how we are now. It will only save us from wishing for something unattainable and being disappointed later – and there ain’t nothing to be disappointed about.


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