5 of My Favorite Ways to Love My Body More

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the complex relationships we have with our bodies – not everyday is going to be a slam dunk, “I feel amazing,” but a lot of our days SHOULD be. And overall it’s important to be comfortable and happy in our skin to put happiness and good vibes out there (speaking from experience!).

I thought I’d put together my favorite ways to love my body. These are easy things to incorporate into our daily lives — and quite frankly, I need the reminder every once in a while!

Here are my favorite ways to love my body (take them or leave them!):

1. Not comparing myself to others. If I’m being honest, I used to be terrible at this. I have really skinny and beautiful friends and I used to find myself constantly wishing I looked like them. The day I accepted I was my own kind of beautiful was a good day, but it took a lot of self love on my part. Another woman’s beauty does not impact your own and stopping comparison is SO important in loving my body more. Yes, that includes Instagram scrolling and magazines with stick thin models. Don’t fall victim!

2. Complimenting myself & speaking positively to/about my body. It sounds vain, but I try to give myself compliments all the time. “Damn you look good today!”… or whatever compliment that’s positive works! The positivity radiates and can really make a huge difference in how I see myself. If I’m constantly talking down to myself, that sets a horrible precedent, right? I see it as, I spent a lot of years being extremely mean to myself, so I’m making up for it ūüėČ

3. Creating a daily affirmation and/or gratitude list. I’ve talked a bit about this on my Instagram, but I’m obsessed with daily affirmations and gratitude. I have daily affirmations that I tell myself out loud or in my head, and I also try to write down what I’m grateful for constantly. It keeps me grounded and it definitely helps with my overall love for myself, including my body. I do want to work on doing my daily affirmation every morning though!

4. Incorporating foods that I love but also make me feel good. Eating healthy foods that give me energy… man what a game changer in my overall feelings about my body. I’m not always the strictest (which I think is good), but overall finding foods that make me feel good helps me immensely with my body love. Veggies, eggs, avocado toast, the list goes on!

5. Exercising regularly & doing workouts I love – but also incorporating stretching & yoga. I love exercising now, but not everyday is a situation where I’m sprinting the gym excited as all hell. Haha, some days I’m dragging myself there, honestly, but it’s all for how it makes my body feel. It’s pretty amazing to see what my body is capable of and how much confidence and strength it gives me. Yoga has changed the game for me too, because some days I just need some zen and stretching. Listening to my body is the ticket here, but I always remind myself how great it makes me feel at the end!

That’s all folks. Do you like this list? Does it resonate? Tell me your favorite ways to love your body, I’d love to chat!

Xoxo Kenzie


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