How I’m Choosing To Love Myself More Amidst My Holiday Slump (Including A Week Off Social Media)

Oh, the holiday slump. It comes around for me every holiday season — and I never quite understand why. I’m surrounded by family and friends, I have so much to be thankful for, but why do I feel kind of down in the dumps?

While I was home for Thanksgiving back in Chicago, it was my first time being back since moving to New York this past summer. It was a weird feeling having not been there for six months, and I’m not sure if I had some expectation for how it would go, or what — but I spent a week of quality time with friends, family, and everyone I’ve been missing for months on end. So it should have been the perfect trip, right?

At the end of the week, I missed New York. That made me feel good — because it made me feel a sense of home, in my new home. But then I got back, and I just felt very ‘blah,’ as I like to call it.

Sometimes, I think my expectations can get the best of me. I get so excited about things that it’s almost a let down when things aren’t feeling ‘perfect.’ Does anyone else feel that way? It’s hard for me to accept sometimes that things are just flat, and going okay (or even badly, ha). That’s how I’ve felt post-holidays — between work, personal things, and everything in between — and how I think a lot of other people might be feeling, so I wanted to talk about it. Because, it’s okay to be in a slump and feel a little down sometimes. To me, it’s how I get myself out of it and realign myself that’s important.

Once I realized where my mental state was a few weeks ago, I started evaluating what was making me feel joy and what wasn’t. I realized social media was not bringing me joy at all. I was mindlessly scrolling, and it was making me feel extremely lonely. I also felt like I didn’t have anything to say on my blog, and it gave me more anxiety — what should I be posting, what should I be doing, etc. were all thoughts constantly running through my head.

I decided to take a week off social media to cleanse myself a bit — in hopes I’d live in the moment more, think less, and not be on my phone as much. And it worked. My phone time went down 60%+… I was spending more like 1-2 hours on my phone each day, as opposed to something like 6-8 before… yikes! And not only that, I felt less anxious and lonely.

I realized I need to set some new boundaries for myself when it comes to my social media use, which I will most definitely be doing. And in addition, my ‘holiday slump’ has made me even more focused on loving myself and doing things that make me feel good.

This week, I went to a hip hop dance class with my best friend and it was insane – SO fun. I went to a movie by myself, which always helps clear my head. I finally started a crafting project in my room that I’ve been thinking about for a while but continually putting off. I bought Christmas presents. I went to my friends’ musical they were starring in. I went to tons of yoga. All of these things brought me joy, and I will continue to find ways to bring myself that feeling of joy, while also knowing it’s not always going to feel ‘perfect.’ And that’s okay.

I hope even in the hard times, and the low times, you still love yourself and help yourself find the things you enjoy. And even though my expectations get the best of me sometimes, I will never stop getting excited about things and pushing towards what brings me joy and makes me happy. I hope you don’t either, and I hope you love yourself to the fullest, even in the times of a ‘holiday slump.’

XOXO, Kenzie


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