“If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best”

Mistakes… we all make them. We make the wrong judgment call when it comes to an argument with a friend, we make a choice that isn’t the best for our wellbeing, or even worse–we do something that is harmful to ourselves and maybe even potentially life-altering.

I’ve done all of the above, as have I’m sure many of you who are reading, too. But what I’ve been reminded of recently is that life isn’t a linear progression. You don’t just soar to the top with no bumps in the road, no lessons learned, and no life-changing moments. And if you think you do, then that just isn’t reality.

I was recently having many great weeks in a row of progress in my life (after some really shitty weeks prior) and “kicking ass” — I felt absolutely unstoppable. I was like, wow, I’ve really turned my stuff around and am killing it! I was riding the high of where I was at at that moment, before quickly realizing it wasn’t going to last forever.

Then swiftly arrives a mistake I made, letting someone toxic from my past back in momentarily. When it happened, I felt so incredibly low. I was embarrassed. I wanted to crawl in my shell and hide, and I wanted to just shy away from the way it made me feel about myself. I felt like I had failed all of the progress that I had previously been making.

But then, that reminder came — “life isn’t a linear progression.” And I realized if every single mistake I made was going to drag me down so far, how is that even life? It’s not. Every mistake that I make builds me into the next step, the next thing, the next growing experience. So after carrying some shame around from that situation, I took the lessons it gave me — how bad I felt after it happened, how it tested me and my strength with that person that I needed to work on — and I flipped it into a learning moment.

And this isn’t the only mistake I’ve made since then, but one example of many that our mistakes do not define us. We all make mistakes. We all have low moments. We all have things to work on. But it’s how we come out of these situations stronger that really defines us.

It also made me realize it’s all about who is surrounding me and supporting me. I’m focusing on surrounding myself with people who accept me, even in my darkest and lowest times, knowing very well we will get stronger and better together. Those are the people I want around me. And those are the people I will continue to keep around me.

We are in some hard times right now and I am there for you in whatever this post means to you and whatever mistakes you are making and learning from. I hope you keep your head up and keep learning and growing because that’s just life, my friend, and I am right here with you.

“If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”



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