Thanks so much for visiting The Curve Confessions! My name is Kenzie, and I created this blog in 2016, with the goal of bringing more awareness to the topic of body image, providing my point of view on body image related topics in the news, sharing my own personal stories, promoting self-love, and inspiring my followers to rock the skin they’re in.

I started this blog to bring awareness to an issue that has affected me so personally, body image. My entire life, I’ve struggled with negative body image, which is defined as the subjective picture or mental image of one’s own body. From a young age, I was bullied for being fat (among other feedback I’ve heard over the years), and from my younger years forward, my perception of my body has almost always been negative. I’ve also witnessed countless incidences of other people’s bodies being criticized (from friends to celebrities), and realized it really affects everyone in some way – and that it has to stop.

My weight has fluctuated up and down for as long as I can remember. But no matter how small or big I’ve been, my body image has always been a concern of mine. I always saw myself as ‘big’ and have worried about my appearance more than I’d like to admit throughout my life. When creating my blog two years ago, I decided I’d had enough – and it was time to take my poor body image, which took over life for many years, and make it my strength with my blog. That is, doing everything in my power to stop other people from having poor body image, and bringing more awareness to the issue, no matter your size.

And in the past year, with a lot of hard work and self-love, I finally made the decision to overhaul my diet and fitness routine for the good of my health, and in the process have lost 50 pounds. I grew to love my body, but I wanted to treat it better for my health. This weight loss was no longer because I wanted to prove something to someone, look better or skinnier, or other reasons I’d tried losing weight in the past – it was for me and my health, and I’ve never felt better. That’s another thing I preach – it’s all about you and your needs when it comes to your body – screw everyone else.

In this journey, I found LOVE in a high intensity interval training class, Shred415, which has helped me immensely in my fitness and strength. Read more on my fitness and lifestyle change here, and my Shred415 experience here. I was also recently featured in Women’s Health Magazine and Prevention Magazine for my lifestyle changes, which was a super exciting and proud moment for me.

On my blog and Instagram page, you’ll find a lot more about my fitness routine, daily life, fashion (I love a good bargain and showing my sass through my style – more animal print please!), and can also read my longer-form blog posts around body image, self-love, and more via my Instagram or on thecurveconfessions.com. If you’d like to get email updates so you don’t miss a post, subscribe on my site here. You can also follow me on Instagram here.

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Thanks for visiting – and remember, your body is precious and should be appreciated and loved!

XOXO, Kenzie of The Curve Confessions