The Curve Confessionals: Paige

About the interview: Paige and I have been friends for a long time, and she's always had a killer gymnast body. But she's had her insecurities along the way like us all, and in our conversation we talked a lot about the pressures from guys and other girls, having an athletic build and rocking it, … Continue reading The Curve Confessionals: Paige


The Downfalls of Social Media – and a Lesson Simone Biles Can Teach Us

When I was young, bullying mainly happened in person, or maybe over a computer on instant messaging. But today, it can happen a lot more places than that - like on social media. I just came across an article about Simone Biles, 19 year old olympic gymnast, who was recently body shamed on Twitter. Let's … Continue reading The Downfalls of Social Media – and a Lesson Simone Biles Can Teach Us

Selena Gomez’s Powerful AMA Acceptance Speech

If you missed the American Music Awards and Selena Gomez’s acceptance speech for Favorite Female Artist last night – she just got real. If you didn’t know, Selena recently had to take a break from everything for self-recovery (including canceling shows in her Revival Tour), due to her struggles with depression and anxiety. She says … Continue reading Selena Gomez’s Powerful AMA Acceptance Speech

Intro: The Curve Confessions

First things first, thanks for visiting the Curve Confessions! Before diving into my posts, I wanted to explain why I created this blog. My entire life, I've struggled with poor body image (definition: the subjective picture or mental image of one's own body). From a young age, I was bullied for being fat, and from … Continue reading Intro: The Curve Confessions